Lasallian District of ARLEP


This presentation recognizes the great work realized by the District of ARLEP for its school planning over the past seven years. The proposal was approved on a District level after an evaluative process in the schools, an analysis of the current reality in which we live, an analysis of the experience we perceive our students to be having (as well as our educators) and a reflection into our foundational roots. In the Hara Project, we want to prioritize the development of self-esteem; the authentic expression of lived experiences and feelings; the skills of empathy, admiration, quiet and silence; a desire for living genuinely, and for gratitude, sincerity, and reflection.

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The Hara Project: Education in the Practice of Interiority in Lasallian Schools – Lasallian District of ARLEP

Keywords: movation, interiority, pastoral

Lasallian District of ARLEP

ARLEP, the Lasallian District of Spain and Portugal, is one of the geographical units of animation and government of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

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