Zane Robinson Wolf, PhD


A nursing professor explores her experience when invited to teach honors students each year in a Religion course, part of a series of guest speakers’ search for spirituality and meaning as working professionals. Consistent with Lasallian values, the course aims to promote students’ intellectual and spiritual growth. The Religion professor and his syllabus shape the guest lecturer’s class that describes contemporary experiences of a health care provider and academic framed by gospel and empirical literature. A teaching plan maps the class and provides examples of loving one another in health care settings for students enrolled in various majors. The plan offers structure for a class session focused on Matthew’s gospel on loving one another and self and augmented by literature on demonstrating loving kindness.

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Spirituality and Nursing: Teaching Honors Students


spirituality, nursing, honors course, teaching plan

About the Author

Zane Robinson Wolf, who is dean emerita and professor, School of Nursing and Health Sciences at La Salle University, earned her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in nursing clinical research. She returned to full-time teaching in the fall of 2012. She practiced as a critical care and medical surgical nurse and has worked in nursing education, teaching in diploma, associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral nursing programs. She has been an editor of the International Journal for Human Caring since 1999. She is a former board member and past president of the International Association for Human Caring.  She is also a member of Advisory Board of the Anne Boykin Institute for the Advancement of Caring in Nursing.

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