Susan R. Hines, EdD


Recent statistics indicate that 57% of our Lasallian network is comprised of lay women.  While dominating in numbers, they are drastically underrepresented in leadership roles especially at the international level of the Institute. In response to the need for more women leaders, this article discusses a phenomenological study investigating the lived experience of seven global Lasallian women who were among the first to become international leaders within the Institute. The essence of the study revealed a collective story of seven devoted Lasallian women invited to lead and their witness to the support, barriers, and leadership behaviors experienced throughout their leadership journey. The article concludes with a list of five recommendations for consideration to advance the call for more Lasallian women leaders.

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The Lived Experience of First-Generation International Lasallian Women Leaders

Keywords: Women leadership; Lasallian leadership; first-generation leaders; Catholic women leaders; leadership gender gap; women’s leadership behavior

Susan R. Hines, Ed.D.

Director of Faculty Development for the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies and an Associate Professor in the Ed.D. in Leadership program.
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, United States

ISSN: 2151-2515
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