Kristina Greenwood, M.Ed.


Against the backdrop of the founding story, the author takes the novel approach of examining the educational theory of John Baptist de La Salle in terms of a theory of value, a theory of knowledge, a theory of human nature, a theory of learning, a theory of transmission, a theory of society, a theory of opportunity, and a theory of consensus

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The Educational Theory of John Baptist de La Salle – Kristina Greenwood, M.Ed.

Keywords: education, Lasallian, value, knowledge, human nature, learning, transmission, society, opportunity, consensus

Greenwood, Kristina

Kristina Greenwood, who earned a master’s degree in education from La Salle University in Philadelphia (USA), currently does private tutoring and academic advising / mentoring in the Philadelphia area. She is a former director of La Salle University’s Summit Program, a division of the De La Salle Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Provost.

ISSN: 2151-2515
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