Schieler FSC, Robert


This paper proposes as its starting point both reflection and discernment about the question of “what is essential to Lasallian association?” and develops along the lines of understanding association as a journey: the journey of De La Salle and the early Brothers, the journey of the Institute since Vatican Council II, and the journey of Lasallian Bothers and Partners going forward together into a future full of promise.

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Openness to God’s Holy Spirit as We Reflect on the Diverse Forms of Lasallian Association

Keywords: association, Lasallian Family, journey, Reign of God, vocation, attentive listening, mission, Holy Spirit, People of God, Brother, Lasallian Partner

Schieler FSC, Robert

Brother Robert Schieler FSC was elected Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools at the 45th General Chapter in 2014. He earned a doctorate in educational administration at the University of Pennsylvania.

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