Robert Schieler, FSC


In these remarks delivered on the occasion of the conferral of an honorary doctorate, the author proposes a strengthening of the partnership between the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU). The Lasallian legacy is presented from an historical perspective, referencing the French philosopher Jacques Maritain and the centrality of the Lasallian preference for the wellbeing of the poor is articulated, referencing remarks of Ignacio Ellacuría, SJ, in order to elucidate the important work of universities in helping to solve the complex issues of our times. The extraordinary potential of enhanced collaboration between and international networking among the Institute and IALU is suggested with concrete proposals.

Full Text: The Lasallian Mission A Global Educational Network

Keywords: purpose of a university, service of the poor, Church, international networks, vocations, communitas, mission, evangelization, collaborative research

Robert Schieler, FSC, Ed.D.

Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, EdD, was elected Superior General of the De La Salle Christian Brothers in 2014. Previously, he served for seven years as General Councilor for the Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN). The Philadelphia native is a graduate of La Salle College (now University) in Philadelphia, PA, and holds masters’ degrees in European History (Notre Dame) and Asian Studies (University of Philippines) as well as a doctorate in Educational Administration (University of Pennsylvania).

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