Gregory Kopra


Found in this article is an examination of five core principles that help describe the Catholic culture of Lasallian schools. Noting that the articulation of these principles emerged and developed in the Lasallian District of San Francisco over many years, the priorities are neither the final nor only word on what Lasallian education is about. They have, however, proven helpful for administrators and educators in strengthening and focusing Lasallian identity and in shaping and steering behaviors and approaches in schools. The source inspiration and context out of which they emerged is presented as the Second Vatican Council of the Catholic Church and the 39th General Chapter of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Full Text: Reflections on Five Core Principles That Help Guide Lasallian Education

Keywords: core principles, Lasallian education, re-foundation, aspirational, guidelines, realistic optimism, inclusive community, respect for all persons, concern for the poor, commitment to social justice, quality education, faith in the presence of God

Gregory Kopra

Gregory Kopra serves as director, Formation for Mission, for the District of San Francisco New Orleans of the Brothers. He earned his doctorate in education from the University of San Francisco.

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