Carlos F. Coelho, PhD, JD


Presented here is an essay that was prepared for inclusion in a recent publication entitled Identity and Internalization in Catholic Universities: Exploring Institutional Pathways in Context (2018). Only an abbreviated and edited portion of the essay was ultimately included at the time of its publication. As the author’s essay is an important complement and companion piece to “Some Questions and Answers about Lasallian Higher Education” by Gustavo Ramírez Barba FSC, which appeared in AXIS: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education 9, no. 2 (2018), the essay is being published here for the first time in its entirety.

Full Text:

The International Association of La Salle Universities: Identity Meets Internationalization

Keywords: Catholic; Catholic higher education; De La Salle; Higher education research; Lasallian; Lasallian pedagogy

Carlos F. Coelho, PhD, JD

Carlos F. Coelho has served as the executive director of the International Association of La Salle Universities (IALU) since 2015. He holds a PhD in political science from State University of Rio de Janeiro and a JD from National School of Law in Rio de Janeiro.

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