Anthony Charles Behan III, EdD


Individuals are looking to the workplace for a source of belonging, meaning, and shared values. The Lasallian community, beginning with the founder, has bravely called for inclusiveness as one of the primary core values of a Lasallian ministry. This article explores relevant literature on workplace belonging, a construct connected to workplace spirituality, the benefits of fostering belonging, and possible shadows of promoting workplace belonging. Lasallian tradition lends itself to discussion on ways in which ministries can preserve a culture of inclusiveness for those who work in a Lasallian setting. Some initial recommendations for practice are presented.

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Preserving the Precious Gem of Lasallian Workplace Belonging

Keywords: workplace belonging; Lasallian tradition; Lasallian charism; inclusive community; well-being at work; Lasallian Association

Anthony Charles Behan III, EdD

Anthony Charles Behan III received his doctorate in education in leadership from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and his masters of arts in theological studies from Notre Dame Seminary. He serves as lead religious studies teacher and campus minister at De La Salle High School in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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