Maria Theresa B. Kalaw, PhD


This research is intended to explore the motivational factors and teaching philosophies of DLSL education students as they relate to the philosophies of the school’s founder and patron of all Catholic teachers, St. John Baptist de La Salle. The mixed-method (triangulation) design was used in this study. Quantitative data was gathered from thirty-one Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) and twenty-three Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) fourth year students through validated survey questionnaires composed of two parts. The first part involves an eight-item interest for teaching inventory which looks into the pre-service teachers’ motivation for choosing the profession while the second part is a forty-item philosophy of education survey which aims to verify how the pre-service teachers’ beliefs fit into various educational philosophies. Qualitative data were culled from the journals of the student teachers and were verified through a focus group discussion. Results of this study revealed that the motivation and philosophies of the pre-service teachers are aligned with St. John Baptist de La Salle’s. They may also be used to further enhance the pre-service teacher education programs of De La Salle Lipa and contribute to the promotion of teaching not only as a noble profession but also as one that ultimately shapes the future of our nation.


Motivational Factors and Teaching Philosophies of Education Students: Realizing the Vision of the Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle

KEYWORDS: Lasallian formation; Motivational factors; Teaching philosophies; Holistic development; Pre-service teachers

Maria Theresa B. Kalaw, PhD

Maria Theresa Bolo Kalaw is a full time faculty member and researcher in the Education and Mathematics departments at De La Salle Lipa College of Education, Arts and Sciences in the Philippines.

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