Nicola M. Imbracsio


The article discusses the importance of formal, empirical character assessment for better understanding of the formation of character and for promoting virtue and thereby also human and community flourishing. Taking a Humanities perspective to assessing nuanced outcomes, the article gives attention to a number of challenges in developing instruments that focus solely on self-reporting and suggests potential instruments and approaches for assessing character through community or other-reporting.

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Assessing University Character Education with Community


character education, assessment, measurement, community, humanities

About the Author

Nicola M. Imbracsio is the director curriculum and assessment at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, overseeing curriculum development and assessment of student learning in both undergraduate and graduate programs. She works with individual programs to create new curriculum, reinvigorate current curriculum, and engage in assessment and program review. Prior to coming to Saint Mary’s, Nicola was the assessment director for integrated studies in the arts and humanities at Michigan State University – the R1’s integrated general education program – where she administered the program by supporting faculty development, assessment, and curriculum development. She also taught within the program, offering interdisciplinary humanities courses spanning topics such as the plague, witchcraft, and fairytales. She holds her doctorate in English literature (specifically, Early Modern English Drama) from the University of New Hampshire and her MFA in applied theatre from Emerson College.

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