David Kwon, Ph.D.

This paper explores what justice education could be for Catholic residential liberal arts colleges. It argues that to develop a just society, higher education systems must educate students by providing integrated learning opportunities to engage with the concept of justice. Justice education is more than fostering a personal virtue; it involves an appreciation of the social dimension of human life and pursuit of the establishment of a just society. Fostering this virtue requires consistency through students’ whole educational experience; and therefore, justice education requires that instructors, staff, and administrators consistently manifest justice.

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Catholic Social Teaching’s Demand for Justice Education at Catholic Residential College

character, virtue, Catholic social teaching, justice education, residential college

About the Author

David Kwon is an assistant professor in the department of theology and philosophy at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. He teaches courses including virtuous life, peace studies and conflict resolution, global health ethics, as well as justice for honors students. He received his PhD in theological ethics from Boston College where he worked with Rev. Kenneth Himes, Lisa Cahill, Stephen Pope, and Rev. James Keenan. He also holds an MBA, MDiv, and degrees in social work and social policy and draws on his education and professional experience in these fields in his work as a social and virtue ethicist. His primary areas of teaching and research include the ethics of war and peace, health care ethics, business and environmental ethics, virtue ethics and Catholic social teaching, and, more recently, gender and racial justice, all of which he approaches from a global perspective. He is currently working on his first book entitled, Justice after War: Human Security and Political Reconciliation. It will be published in 2023 at the Catholic University of America Press.

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