George Van Grieken, FSC, Ph.D.


This is a reworked version of the introduction that appeared in Let Us Remember: Stories of the Holy Presence of God (2018) traces and synthesizes this key Lasallian concept in the spiritual and pedagogical writings of John Baptist de La Salle.

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The Holy Presence of God in De La Salle’s Spirituality


presence of God, prayer, recollection, ministry, life of faith


About the Author

Brother George Van Grieken is a De La Salle Christian Brother who recently served as the Secretary-Coordinator of the Lasallian Research and Resources Service at the Casa Generalizia in Rome and is the Coordinator of the Lasallian Resource Center []. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California (BA and MA) and of Boston College (PhD), he has worked as a classroom teacher and in Lasallian formation, vocation ministry, and school leadership, including two years as President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Institution International School in Singapore. His writings and workshops focus on Lasallian spirituality and formation, especially their application and integration in today’s society and educational contexts.

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