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This document, which was written in preparation for the 44th General Chapter of 2007, was intended to stimulate a rich and interactive dialogue among the Brothers of the international Institute about what it means to be a Brother today. It compares and contrasts the reality faced by the delegates to the 39th General Chapter of 1966-1967 with that faced by the delegates to the 44th General Chapter of 2007. Rooted in a passion for God and a passion for the poor, the life of the Brother today is viewed from the perspective of five quite distinctive international perspectives, De La Salle’s foundational journey, and the inspiring foundational icons of Lasallian identity presented in the Meditations for the Time of Retreat.

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Being Brothers Today

Keywords: passion for God, passion for the poor, foundational icons, being Brothers today, educational urgencies, spirituality, future, horizon, Church, faith and zeal, dreams, hopes, journey, biblical icons

Rabenalisoa Ravalitera, Jean
Raharilalao, Hilaire

Jean Rabenalisoa Ravalitera, who is a lecturer-researcher at the University of Antananarivo, is a full member of the Malagasy Academy. He received his doctor of humane letters degree from Université d’Antananarivo in Madagascar.

Brother Hilaire Raharilalao, who is the vice-postulator of the cause of Brother Raphaël-Louis Rafiringa, is a full member of the Malagasy Academy. He received his doctor of biblical theology degree from Université de l’Afrique de l’Ouest in the Ivory Coast.

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