Kerri Mulqueen, D.A.


The article is framed within a call to action to those engaged in teacher preparation to draw upon their resources, to take the programs of study that they have carefully built up to academic excellence, and to seek local partners in youth education with whom to enact Lasallian principles in service to those most in need, thereby resolving in some part the tension whether to prioritize excellence in education or service to the poor and social justice advocacy. Focusing on the work of preparing teachers at one college, the author focuses on community partnerships that help Lasallian educators keep moving toward the call that has been set for us in the modern age.

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Urban Teacher Education through a Lasallian Lens: Community Partners, Dispositions, and Answering the Call

Keywords: education, teacher preparation, service learning, diversity, social justice advocacy, service to the poor, respect for all, community based learning, practicality, partnerships

Kerri Mulqueen, D.A.

Kerri Mulqueen, who is an assistant professor of education at Manhattan College, earned her doctorate at Saint John’s University in New York City.

ISSN: 2151-2515
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