Kristin Callahan, M.F.A.; Erica R. Dávila, Ph.D.; Daisy Sherry, Ph.D.; and Jeffrey Trask, Ph.D.


The article represents a collaborative effort in sharing how the faculty, at one university, tackles racial justice issues on campus. Four Lasallian scholars writing from various disciplinary contexts and from distinct racial identities reflect on Lasallian mission and values through a social justice lens. Five key words – justice, association, knowledge, fidelity, & wisdom – provide focus as each author draws from their own personal and professional experiences in reflecting on teaching and learning at a Lasallian institution.

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Lasallian Mission and Values to Embolden Racial Justice

Keywords: racial justice, Lasallian mission, association, advocacy, knowledge, fidelity, wisdom, empathy, dignity, action

Kristin Callahan, M.F.A.

Kristin Callahan, who is an assistant professor of art and design at Lewis University, earned her master’s degree in fine arts at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Erica R. Dávila, Ph.D.

Erica R. Dávila, who is a professor of educational leadership at Lewis University, earned her doctorate at the University of Illinois.

Daisy Sherry, Ph.D.

Daisy Sherry, who is an assistant professor in the college of nursing and health professions at Lewis University, earned her doctorate at the University of Illinois.

Jeffrey Trask, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Trask, who is an associate professor at Lewis University, earned his doctorate in community health at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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