Kevin Regan, M.A. and Edward Sirois, M.A.


This article originally appeared in Bulletin 249: Educating in Justice (Rome: Brothers of the Christian Schools, 2004), pages 12-14. A passion for justice is at the heart of every aspect of a Lasallian school, and so it is not surprising that students are taught to both value and live the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Justice education is, for Lasallians, grounded in Catholic Social Teaching and a following of Jesus Christ; and it cannot be the responsibility of the school’s religious studies department alone. The prophetic and liberating power of the Gospel is at work in the lives of both teacher and student through their shared struggle to discover the ways of justice.

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Justice: A Characteristic of Lasallian Education

Keywords: justice education, dignity, Catholic Social Teaching, Reign of God, cry of the poor, prayer and reflection, social action

Kevin Regan, M.A. and Edward Sirois, M.A.

Kevin Regan and Edward Sirois are Lasallian Partners who have served for many years as religion teachers at La Salle Academy in Providence, Rhode Island (USA). While Ed continues to teach at La Salle Academy, Kevin now serves as counselor at another Lasallian school, The San Miguel School in Providence, Rhode Island (USA).

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