Katherine Czado Aquino, Ph.D.; Susan Cahill, Ph.D.; and Carolyn Plump, J.D.


Historically, the Lasallian Catholic mission has responded to societal needs and provided education to marginalized individuals. Lasallian postsecondary institutions continue to support students, advocating for inclusion and equity. However, no formal guidance exists on how the Lasallian mission can further support the experience of students with disabilities within the higher education environment. As such, the exploration of Lasallian pedagogy and how it provides opportunities to meet the needs of students with disabilities is necessary.

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Intersectionality of Student Disabilities and Lasallian Mission: Utilizing Distinctive Lasallian Pedagogy to Foster Student Inclusivity

Keywords: students with disabilities, higher education, Lasallian mission, pedagogy

Katherine Czado Aquino, Ph.D.

Katherine Czado Aquino, an assistant professor at Saint John’s University (NY), earned her doctorate in higher education policy from Seton Hall University. She worked previously at Manhattan College.

Susan Cahill, Ph.D.

Susan Cahill, an associate professor and director of the MA in occupational therapy program (MSOT) at Lewis University, earned her doctorate in education from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Carolyn Plump, J.D.

Carolyn Plump, an associate professor of management leadership at Lewis University, earned her law degree at Boston University Law School.

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