Shawna BuShell, Ed.D.; Jimena González-Ramírez, Ph.D.; Bryan Wilkins, Ph.D.; Natalia Boliari, Ph.D.; Mohab El-Hakim, Ph.D.; Sandra Verónica López, Ph.D.; Mary Michel, Ph.D.; and Carlos Gómez-Restrepo, FSC, Ed.D.


Inspired by “One La Salle,” a global initiative for collaboration among Lasallian institutions to strengthen the effectiveness of our mission, members from Manhattan College in New York City and Universidad de La Salle in Bogotá and Yopal, Colombia, are collaborating to strengthen our joint mission in research and teaching opportunities connected to social justice. In this article, we summarize the various collaboration projects and their connections to social justice. We illustrate the diversity of exciting projects that can arise through global partnerships within the One La Salle network. The projects are proposed by economics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, education, and science faculty members. In addition to describing each project, we include research questions and hypotheses that will be studied. We conclude with recommendations for other Lasallian institutions that may embark on a similar quest to strengthen our Lasallian missions within the global Lasallian network.

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Exploring Academic Collaborative Opportunities between Lasallian Colleges and Their Potential Impact

Keywords: social justice, One La Salle, faculty partnerships, global collaborations, project-based learning

Shawna BuShell, Ed.D.

Shawna BuShell, who is an assistant professor of education at Manhattan College, earned her doctorate in instructional technology and media from Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Jimena González-Ramírez, Ph.D.

Jimena González-Ramírez, who is an assistant professor of economics at Manhattan College, earned her doctorate in economics from Iowa State University.

Bryan Wilkins, Ph.D.

Bryan Wilkins, who is an assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Manhattan College, earned his doctorate at the University of Maryland.

Natalia Boliari, Ph.D.

Natalia Boliari, who is an associate professor of economics and finance at Manhattan College, earned her doctorate in public policy from Carleton University.

Mohab El-Hakim, Ph.D.

Mohab El-Hakim, who is an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at Manhattan College, earned his doctorate in civil engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Sandra Verónica López, Ph.D.

Sandra Verónica López, who is a visiting assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Manhattan College, earned her doctorate in biomedical engineering from The Graduate Center at the City College of New York (CUNY).

Mary Michel, Ph.D.

Mary Michel, who is an assistant professor of accounting, CIS, and law at Manhattan College, earned her doctorate in accounting from Columbia University.

Carlos Gómez-Restrepo, FSC, Ed.D.

For more than 30 years, Carlos Gabriel Gomez-Restrepo, FSC, Ed.D., has served in secular and private educational institutions. His substantial contributions of theories relating higher education and politics, and Lasallian higher education and secular ethics, were recognized by selection to the Order of Democracy by the Congress of Colombia in 2004. Brother Carlos’ leadership within the international Lasallian higher education community has included service as Vice President and now President of the International Association of Lasallian Universities; as Executive Secretary of the Region Latino Americana Lasallista (RELAL); the Mission Educative Lasallienne (MEL) commission; and as coordinator of the preparatory committee for the 44th General Chapter of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Recognizing these and his many other contributions to the international Lasallian educational mission, in 2010 Saint Mary’s College of California awarded Brother Carlos the doctorate honoris causa.

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