Brother Jorge Meneses, FSC


This article originally appeared in Bulletin 249: Educating in Justice (Rome: Brothers of the Christian Schools, 2004), pages 4-11. In it, the author provides a rich presentation of the promotion of justice, coupled with the educational service of the poor, within a Lasallian Catholic framework. Education for justice is not merely a specific subject area taught in school but a common thread which runs throughout the whole curriculum. Consequently, the educational plan should revolve around justice; and it needs to be grounded in the stance of solidarity, a firm and persevering determination to become involved in the common good. This stance, grounded in faith, flows from the heart of God. It is the justice of God who comes to announce the face of God to the poor.

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Educating in Justice and Solidarity

Keywords: promotion of justice, solidarity, injustice, educational service of the poor, human dignity, faith, fragmentation, individualism

Brother Jorge Meneses, FSC

Brother Jorge Meneses is a Brother of the Christian Schools of the Sector of Valladolid in the District of ARLEP (Spain & Portugal).

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