Luisa Marcela Ossa, Ph.D.


The article examines the intersect of segments of the Catholic Church viewing some racial or cultural groupings as inferior beings and the theme of God in the Lasallian heritage as valuing and welcoming all peoples. A careful examination is made of the Catholic Church’s role in the establishment and perpetuation of slavery and other racially based discriminatory practices in the Americas and the repercussions that reverberate to this day; and the author reminds Lasallians that in order to address social justice issues today, we must go beyond simple assistance and instead must get to the roots of the problems to find structural solutions and educate to justice.

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Catholicism, Racism, and Social Justice: Historical Realities and Lasallian Visions for the Future

Keywords: race, social justice, indigenous, Afro-descendants, Catholic Church, Dominican Republic, Colombia, slavery, poverty, discrimination

Luisa Marcela Ossa, Ph.D.

Luisa Marcela Ossa, who is an associate professor of Spanish at La Salle University in Pennsylvania, earned her doctorate in Spanish at Temple University.

ISSN: 2151-2515
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