Brother Andrés Govela Gutiérrez, FSC


The Institute and the network of Lasallian educational centers have experienced in recent decades an awareness and in a sense an “irruption” of higher education in the Lasallian educational mission. This irruption was reflected in the speeches of Superiors General and General Councilors, as well as in the publication of Institute documents and especially in the last four General Chapters. Throughout these years Lasallian higher education gained its place in the concert of Lasallian educational centers, broadening the understanding of the Lasallian educational mission and applying the inspiration of origins to the tertiary level. The great potential of university institutions has made the expectations that the Institute, Districts and Lasallian educational centers have generated for them broad and demanding. For this reason, while recognizing the contributions, requests have been made and significant tasks entrusted to Lasallian institutions of higher education.

Full Text: Reflections on the Role of Research in the Development of Lasallian Higher Education in Light of the Discourse of the Last Three Decades

Keywords: Network, Research, IALU, Higher education

Andrés Govela Gutiérrez, FSC

Brother Andrés Govela Gutiérrez, FSC, who is the rector of Universidad La Salle Nezahualcóyotl in Mexico, was elected to a three-year term as president of the International Association of La Salle Universities (IALU) in June 2018.

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