Gladiolus M. Gatdula, Ph.D.


To be a religious educator and a Lasallian formator at the same time is a sacred task. The life of a religious educator and a formator is inseparable as stated by the “Lasallian Guiding Principles of the Philippines” that all Lasallian educators are considered formators by virtue of participation in the Lasallian experience. This study attempts to understand how religious educators as formators live out the Lasallian values of faith, service, and communion. Since it is a phenomenological study, it derived from the lived experiences of eight (8) co-researchers who were chosen from four (4) South Luzon La Salle schools. As a result, first thematic reflections are presented as fruits of significant stories. Five (5) themes emerged from individual structural descriptions; and an eidetic insight as open-ended conclusion with three (3) postulates. Religious education can provide the content and process for a continuing Lasallian formation. The religious education and the Lasallian formation are the most systematic approaches to concretize the Lasallian ministry in living out the core values of faith, service and communion in mission. These can be means to define Lasallian and Catholic identity. Creative symbol and synthesis emerged as integration and summary of all experiences. Implications to their personal and professional lives are given emphasis in carrying out these values.

Full Text: Living Out the Lasallian Values Religious Educators’ Experiences in Lasallian Formation

Keywords: Lasallian values, Religious Educators, Lasallian formation, Phenomenology

Gladiolus M. Gatdula, Ph.D.

Gladiolus M. Gatdula is an associate professor in the religious education department of the College of Education and a Lasallian formator in the university Lasallian Family Life Office at De La Salle University Dasmariñas in the Philippines. [Dr. Gatdula expresses her gratitude to all co-researchers of this study for their openness and willingness to share their Lasallian experiences. She also would like to thank De La Salle University Dasmariñas, the College of Education, and the university research office for all their support in the realization of this research.].

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