Daniel A. Gardner, FSC


This article examines the theology and history of Domestic Church so that the concept can be expanded to include a broader group of contemporary Catholics that may not fit within a traditional family structure, which may strengthen the foundation and richness of the People of God. The Domestic Church, a foundational structure of Catholic ecclesiology, provides a necessary environment for catechesis and fosters a deeper sense of belonging to the larger parish. However, the shifting sociological norms surrounding the understanding and structure of the family in the West have left the Church without a replacement structure to fill the urgently needed role of the traditional family in the life of the Church. Charism-based movements such as the Lasallian Family may be an alternative to provide the catechesis, formation opportunities, spiritual and emotional support, and necessary human relationships that lead to evangelization, membership and a Christian lifestyle in the Church today.

Full Text: A Lasallian Educational Community in the Context of the Domestic Church

Keywords: Domestic Church, Lasallian Family, Little Church, Familiaris Consortio

Daniel A. Gardner, FSC

Brother Daniel Gardner, FSC, a Brother of the Christian Schools, has spent most of his ministry as an elementary and secondary teacher and administrator. He currently works as a graduate school advisor, adjunct lecturer in religious studies, and spiritual director.

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