Yves Poutet, FSC
Translated from French by Leonard Marsh, FSC


“L’influence du Père Barré dans la fondation des Sœurs du Saint-Enfant-Jésus de Reims” (The Influence of Father Barré in the Foundation of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus of Reims) by Yves Poutet in Revue d’histoire de l’Église de France, tome 46, n°143, 1960, pages 18-53, has just recently been translated into English and is made available here with the kind agreement of the director of the journal. The object of the study is precisely to attempt to bring out the major thrust of Father Barré’s influence in the foundation of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and to understand its exact importance. Without a doubt, the chronology of events which brought Canon Roland and Father Barré together is not negligible; and this will be made clear. Yet we believe it will be more useful to concentrate on how each of the two founders put into practice what they believed, how their ideas coincided, how they differed, and how they proved to be different from each other.

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The Influence of Father Barré in the Foundation of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus of Reims

Keywords: Saint John Baptist de La Salle; Father Barre; Pedagogy; Catholic; Spiritual direction

Yves Poutet, FSC

Yves Poutet, FSC, (1920-2009), wrote the most detailed study of John Baptiste de La Salle’s life and influence in his two-volume thesis for a doctorate (Docteur-des-Lettres). The title in French is Le XViie Siècle et les Origines Lasalliennes (The 17th Century and Lasallian Origins). This work has never been translated into English but the work in English, De La Salle: A City Saint and the Liberation of the Poor through Education by Brother Alfred Calcutt (a fellow novice with Brother Yves) is largely derived from this thesis. Another of Brother Yves’s major works, The Origins and Characteristics of Lasallian Pedagogy was translated into English by a group of Australian Brothers in 1997. During his years in an academic position at a French university, Brother Yves continued his research and published articles on Lasallian themes in various journals as well as in Lasallian publications.

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