Louis DeThomasis, FSC


In this paper, the author does not present to you a research paper on ethics. Rather, the author shares with you some core reflections that they believe are necessary for us to consider about the ethical underpinnings and directions for our research in whatever pursuit or academic field we choose to study. No one or no institution has a monopoly on how to make real today that truth of Jesus’ all encompassing, all-inclusive and unconditional love for all humanity and all God’s very good creation.

Full Text: From Chaos to Ethical Clarity: The Quest for Lasallian Higher Education in Today’s Global Society

Keywords:  Catholic; Lasallian; Lasallian mission; Vocations; Lasallian leadership; Research; Ethics

Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC, PhD

Brother Louis DeThomasis, FSC is the immediate past chairman of CBIS Global and previously served as the first President from 2008 to 2013. He served as president of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota from 1984 - 2005 and then as Chancellor from 2006 - 2011. He earned a PhD in financial management from the Union Institute in Ohio and completed his post-doctoral studies as a Bush Fellow at the Institute for Educational Management, Harvard University.

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