Christine Nowakowski, PhD, and Olaf Gruess, PhD


Innovation and entrepreneurship through science and technology offer new frontiers for research as well as approaches to better serve humanity. Through collaborations between corporations, incubator companies, small business, academia, and not-for-profit entities, important economies of scale, scope, and talent can coalesce for new solutions. Connected innovation describes models to build these collaborations. This paper discusses how collaborative external networking could lead to innovative philanthropic solutions in harmony with the Lasallian mission.


External Networking in a Large Corporation: General Mills, Collaborations, and Philanthropic Opportunities

KEY WORDS:  Innovation; External Networking; Sustainable Food; Developing Economies


Christine Nowakowski, Ph.D.

Christine Nowakowski is a Principal Scientist at General Mills Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota. She received her Ph.D. from The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Olaf Gruess, Ph.D.

Olaf Gruess is a Technology Manager and Global Connector at General Mills Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his Ph.D. from The University of Bonn, Germany.

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