Michael E. Carey, PsyD


The following paper is a theoretical exploration of the work of John Baptist de La Salle and modern clinical psychology. The author takes an integrative approach in addressing the congruencies of the thought of John Baptist de La Salle and modern clinical psychology. In particular, the essay addresses the issues of countertransference, structure and boundaries, and the concept of process. The author defines these critical concepts in their modern usage and explicates clear areas of congruency and possible integration with Lasallian thought, particularly in the work of John Baptist de La Salle and Brother Agathon. It is exhibited that the work of La Salle was both psychologically sound and prescient. This interdisciplinary approach has important implications for Lasallian higher education, particularly as the Lasallian mission continues to adapt in the 21st century. These implications will be addressed in a later essay. The current work focuses on the theoretical underpinnings of modern psychology and the more time-tested work of John Baptist de La Salle.


De la Salle; Lasallian higher education; psychology and de La Salle


Where Are You Stuck? John Baptist De La Salle’s Thought and Modern Clinical Psychology


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About the Author

Michael E. Carey Psy.D.

Michael E. Carey is the Dean of Students at Manhattan College. Dr. Carey is a licensed psychologist and formerly served as Director of Counseling and Health Services at Manhattan College. He also holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from Vassar College. Dr. Carey is an adjunct professor in the graduate counseling program in the School of Education at Manhattan College. He serves as lecturer and clinical supervisor in this program. He also continues to work part-time as a private practitioner as he holds both Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology.

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