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This paper analyzes the letters that John Baptist de La Salle wrote to his Brothers by historically situating their correspondence as a creative means of stabilizing a fledgling lay community to educate poor children, a need that was inadequately met in a highly cleric-centered Church in France during the 17th century. It proposes a pedagogy of persuasion that lies beneath the method of De La Salle’s letter writing. The author suggests that this pedagogy consists of three dimensions: conversation, accompaniment, and role modeling. The paper concludes by considering briefly the contemporary implications of a pedagogy of persuasion in the formation of teachers in Catholic educational institutions.


De La Salle; Lasallian pedagogy; letters; pedagogy of persuasion; teacher formation


Uncovering a Pedagogy of Persuasion in the Letters of John Baptist De La Salle


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Alfred K.M. Pang

Alfred K. M. Pang is a doctoral student in theology and education at the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College, School of Theology and Ministry, United States

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