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This text, which is more or less in outline form, was presented in Rome during the SIEL program (Session Internationale d’Études Lasalliennes) of 1988-1989.

“Together and by association” is a very Lasallian expression and a powerful reality in De La Salle’s life. Should it be classified among the vital principles of the Institute? Or are we simply dealing with a means that could be modified or even abandoned depending on circumstances?

The question The paper is Brother Michel Sauvage’s reflections on this matter. He will present these reflections in two parts:

Unquestionably, association is key to the Institute. In a sense, the Institute is an Association.
Yet, it is necessary to define those elements essential to Association.


Lasallian, De La Salle, Association, Education


Together and by Association: Essential to the Institute?

About the Author

Michel Sauvage, FSC, S.T.D.

Brother Michel Sauvage, FSC (1923-2001) did his doctoral thesis in Lille (Catéchèse et Laïcat, 1963), was a professor at the Lateran Pontifical University in Rome (Jesus Magister Institute), and was theologian for his brother (Bishop Jean Sauvage) at the Second Vatican Council. From 1966 to 1976, he was Assistant Superior General for Formation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. In addition, he served as the second director of the office of Lasallian Studies in the Generalate in Rome.

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