Jean-Louis Schneider, FSC, MA


A reflection on “to unite myself and to remain in society with the Brothers of the Christian Schools, who are associated to conduct, together and by association, schools for the service of the poor”

A 300-year-old formula

Since the origins of the Institute, we Brothers state in the second part of our formula of vows, in one form or another, our promise to live in Society. When we compare the formula of vows of one of our first Brothers to what we say today, similarities and differences appear immediately. We can draw a parallel between what Brother Pierre Narra says at his perpetual profession in 1699 and what we say since 1987, some three centuries later.


Lasallian; Association; De La Salle


To be Associated in the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools

About the Author

Jean-Louis Schneider, FSC, M.A.

Brother Jean-Louis Schneider, who finalized this brief document about the vocabulary of association on September 27, 2004, is a member of the District of France. He has been a frequent presenter at the Centro Internazionale Lasalliano (CIL) in Rome and a regular presenter in Lasallian formation and education programs in his own District; and he was the Institute’s Director of Lasallian Studies in Rome from 2004 to 2009.

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