Maurice-Auguste Hermans, FSC, J.C.D.


Participants in formation cohorts throughout the Lasallian family study and analyze original works essential to a shared understanding of Lasallian heritage. Of unique value are a select set of documents that record intervening interpretations of the original works. In this essay, the author describes the history of one original work – the Memorandum on the Habit. Beginning with the circumstances in which the document was written and acknowledging its limitations, the author helps contemporary readers understand the significance of a habit in the context of the economic, political, religious and social movements of seventeenth-century France. Along the way, the author provides a content-specific overview of the Memorandum, and of the essential characteristics of the community of teachers in which the habit evolved and was worn to symbolize individual and shared commitment to the mission of providing a human and Christian education to the children of artisans and the poor.


Lasallian heritage; De La Salle Christian Brothers;


The Memorandum on the Habit

About the Author

Maurice-Auguste Hermans, FSC

Maurice-Auguste Hermans, FSC, J.C.D. (1911 – 1987) served as the first Director of Lasallian Studies (1956 – 1987), Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Brother Maurice-Auguste is recognized as the architect of the monumental series Cahiers lasalliens, through which has been disseminated the writings of John Baptist de La Salle and much of the twentieth-century scholarship about his life, spirituality, and pedagogy. He also served as Assistant Superior General and Procurator General of the Institute.

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