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The title assigned to this presentation in the promotional literature for the convocation is three lines long. That was not unusual in the 18th century, as we know from the full titles of the original biographies of the Founder. But it hardly suits the contemporary style that prefers short titles for its musicals, and acronyms for committees, corporations, and conglomerates. With that in mind, I have decided to entitle this presentation The Lasallian Charism in Transition.

That title might remind us of the ancient formula used by the Chinese to curse their enemies: “May you live in a period of transition!” More positively, an emphasis on transition will help to focus on the particular aspect of the theme of the convocation to be developed in this session, that is, “We tell our story – where we have been and why it matters today.” This wording seems to suggest that whatever history we review today is not intended as an exercise in nostalgia, a leisurely stroll down memory lane. Rather, we are expected to find some clues in where we have been, to help us understand where we are and where we may be going.


Lasallian, De la Salle


The Lasallian Charism in Transition

About the Author

Luke Salm, FSC, S.T.D.

Brother Luke Salm (1921-2009) was a professor of religious studies at Manhattan College for more than half a century. He was the first religious Brother and non-cleric to earn a doctorate in theology (S.T.D.) at The Catholic University of America (1955). He was an elected delegate of the District of New York to the 39th, 40th, 41st, and 42nd General Chapters of the Brothers of the Christian Schools; and he was a noted historian of the life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.

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