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Though a distinctive spirituality is at the heart of the 350-year-old Lasallian educational mission, its founder John Baptist de La Salle is not a well-known spiritual writer. This work is a systematic examination of several factors that distinctively shaped what is studied today as Lasallian spirituality: the Catholic Reformation of 17th-century France and related diversification in theology and liturgy; the roles of solitary prayer and shared Scripture study; and the spirit of faith that has become central to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Lasallian spirituality is the focus of considerable research due to its centrality in sustaining and encouraging innovation in instructional pedagogy in communities of teachers and learners in religiously diverse educational institutions, from primary through secondary levels, in more than 80 countries throughout the world.


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Some Spiritual Currents Which Could Have Influenced De La Salle

About the Author

Maurice-Auguste Hermans, FSC

Maurice-Auguste Hermans, FSC, J.C.D. (1911 – 1987) served as the first Director of Lasallian Studies (1956 – 1987), Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. Brother Maurice-Auguste is recognized as the architect of the monumental series Cahiers lasalliens, through which has been disseminated the writings of John Baptist de La Salle and much of the twentieth-century scholarship about his life, spirituality, and pedagogy. He also served as Assistant Superior General and Procurator General of the Institute.

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