Edwin McCarthy, FSC


This short study of John Baptist de La Salle’s The Rules of Christian Decorum and Civility (1703) was written on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the foundation of the Society of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It is an effort to illustrate for English-speaking Brothers various ways in which the Founder conveyed ideas recognized today as “Christian humanism”, and in so doing provided the early brothers with glimpses of himself which remain keys to his accessibility as a model and resource for reflective practice among educators today.


De La Salle; Lasallian Spirituality; Lasallian Pedagogy;


Reflections on “The Rules of Christian Decorum and Civility”

About the Author

Edwin McCarthy, FSC

Brother Edwin McCarthy (1917-2002) was a Brother of the District of London, a sector of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools now incorporated with the District of England into what is known as the District of Great Britain. As a young De La Salle Brother, his ministry was in Vietnam (1938-1942). He is fondly remembered for his many years of ministry with Vietnamese immigrants in England and for his excellent translations into English of French language Lasallian texts.

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