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Cahiers Lasallians has published in two volumes the doctoral dissertation in theology defended by Miguel Campos at the Pontifical Lateran University in October 1973. The jury noted that, like several of his fellow students at the Jesus Magister Institute, this candidate had produced an extraordinary scholarly work. Unanimously, they awarded him the highest level of distinction.

This dissertation, although an academic work, is nevertheless first and foremost the result of an encounter.

The text was written in French by a Cuban whose initial university education was taken in the United States. We owe this theological and scientific research to a religious, a Brother of the Christian Schools, who before his novitiate had majored in chemistry and then taught in Santo Domingo, Miami, and the Catechetical Institute of Manizales (ICLA). These apostolic activities brought him into profound contact with the aspirations of Latino and North American youth. His commitment as a religious educator led him to contribute effectively to a radical transformation of the structures in the school where he was teaching.


De La Salle; Lasallian


Preface to the Doctoral Dissertation of Brother Miguel Campos, FSC

About the Author

Michel Sauvage, FSC, S.T.D.

Brother Michel Sauvage, FSC (1923-2001) did his doctoral thesis in Lille (Catéchèse et Laïcat, 1963), was a professor at the Lateran Pontifical University in Rome (Jesus Magister Institute), and was theologian for his brother (Bishop Jean Sauvage) at the Second Vatican Council. From 1966 to 1976, he was Assistant Superior General for Formation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. In addition, he served as the second director of the office of Lasallian Studies in the Generalate in Rome.

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