CIL 2010 Participants


The International Lasallian Center, also known by its Italian acronym CIL, has been a place of extended renewal and study for more than 40 years for De La Salle Christian Brothers from around the world. Housed in the Brothers’ international headquarters in Rome, Italy, extended residential seminars of two to six week duration have also been conducted at CIL since 1997 for all Lasallians engaged in the Lasallian educational mission in over 80 countries of the world.

During fall of 2010, some 50 participants from around the globe gathered for four weeks at CIL to study and to explore the concept of association among Partners and Brothers for Lasallian mission in the twenty-first century. Here presented is a written statement they prepared in the final days of their time together.


Lasallian; Catholic education


Our Message of Hope: CIL 2010 – Understanding and Living Association for Lasallian Mission Today

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CIL 2010 Participants

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