John M. Crawford, FSC, Ph.D., Timothy Gossen, Ed.D., Jennifer M. Pigza, Ph.D.


The general proceedings of the Third Annual Symposium on Lasallian Research are described in this brief summary. The authors provide an overview of the event’s purpose and participants; summarize highlights of the program including keynotes and presentations of research exemplars; an overview of three thematic research priorities adopted by the International Association of Lasallian Universities; and a synopsis of more than 25 workshop and roundtable opportunities through which assembled scholars could establish partnerships for future research.


Catholic Higher education; Lasallian; Higher education research;


Momentum, Exemplars, and Future Research Themes: A Report on the Third Annual Symposium on Lasallian Research

About the Authors

John M. Crawford, FSC, Ph.D.

Brother John M. Crawford, FSC, is an Associate Professor of Religion at La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA. The dissertation for his PhD in Religion and Education at Boston College is entitled “Extending Lasallian Charism: Its Texts and Lived Contexts for the Spirituality of Teachers.”

Timothy Gossen, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President for Mission at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Jennifer M. Pigza, Ph.D.

Dr. Pigza is Associate Director of CILSA (Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action) at Saint Mary’s College, Moraga, CA.

ISSN: 2151-2515
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