Antonio Botana, FSC


This article is a translation by Brother Paul Grass of “Michel Sauvage et la question de l’Association” in Les Cahiers du Centre Lasallien Français (Paris: Centre Lasallien Français, 2014), pages 27-33. [In this article as originally published in French by Centre Lasallien Français, Brother Antonio’s sources are not explicitly referenced. The editors have attempted, when possible, to cite known and readily available text sources.]


De La Salle; Lasallian


Michel Sauvage and the Question of Association

About the Author

Antonio Botana, FSC

Brother Antonio Botana, who was the international secretary of association [for the Lasallian educational mission] of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (2000-2007), currently resides in Madrid and works on the Lasallian formation team of the District of ARLEP.

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