Jeffrey Lynn Calligan, FSC


This brief introductory overview of the spirituality inherited from John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, was originally prepared for the consideration of participants of the SIEL (Lasallian Studies) session conducted in Rome in 2012-2013. Through careful analysis of three sources (the essentially autobiographical Memoir on the Beginnings, the third rule from Rules I Have Imposed on Myself, and De La Salle’s dying words) the author provides a basis from which individuals or groups may productively engage in further study of De La Salle’s writings and spirituality.


De La Salle; Lasallian Spirituality;


Lasallian Spirituality

About the Author

Jeffrey Lynn Calligan, FSC

Brother Jeffrey Calligan, FSC, is a member of the District of San Francisco / New Orleans, Lasallian Region of North America. He has for many years been a presenter at the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies and has until recently been working on the Lasallian Educational Services Team in Malvern, Australia. He now resides at Saint Paul’s Secondary School in Covington, LA.

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