Robert Carlier


As presented at the Colloquium of the European Commission for Lasallian Formation (CELAS) in Rome (September, 2000), the author addresses the topic of Lasallian association across five themes. First, difficulties involved in association are summarized, and include those connected with language, cultural adaptation, increasing heterogeneity within the Lasallian family and institutional factors. Factors conducive to association are also identified: fidelity to the founding inspiration and meaningful commitment to association. Questions about the definition and characteristics of Lasallian association are presented as primary avenues for further exploration. Following a reminder that Lasallian commitment is by nature made in communion with other people and in discernment with a District, the author concludes with suggestions to adapt structures and processes so that the movement of the Holy Spirit remains a welcome force in association-related inquiries.


Lasallian Association; Lasallian Formation;


Future Prospects for Creating Association

About the Author

Robert Carlier

Robert Carlier is a Lasallian advisor for school programs in the District of South Belgium.

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