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As implementation of the Lasallian Regional Education Project for Latin America (PERLA) continues, there is increasing need to arrive at a shared understanding of the nature of research and to clarify the role of the region’s Lasallian Institutions of Higher Learning relative to the research needs of the district. The Research Policies Preparation Team of RELAL has discerned common research priorities and developed this policy to position the processes by which knowledge is generated, appropriated and applied, in the context of a commitment to use such knowledge to improve social equity and to advance human rights, in accord with the Lasallian educational mission.


Educational research; Research policies; Lasallian Higher Education;


Equity, Knowledge, and Development: Towards a Policy on the Advancement of Knowledge in RELAL

About the Authors

Research Policies Preparation Team

The following are members of the 2012-2013 Research Policies Preparation Team of RELAL: Hno. Dr. Jose Antonio Vargas Aguilar (Coordinator – RELAL), Dr. Manuel Cancelado Gimenez (Universidad De La Salle – Bogota), Dra. Maria de Rosario Ortiz (Universidad De La Salle – Bajio), Hno. Dr. Cledes Casagrande (Unilasalle – Canoas), Dra. Alicia Zavala (Universidad De La Salle – Bajio), Dr. Jose Sepulveda (Unilasalle – Canoas), Hno. Mtro. Niky Murcia (Universidad De La Salle – Bogota), Hno. Mtro. Edgar Genuino Nicodem (RELAL), Hno. Mtro. Cristhian James Dias (Universidad De La Salle – Bogota), Hno. Mtro. Frank Ramos (Universidad De La Salle – Bogota), Dr. Jose Alberto Antunes de Miranda (Unilasalle – Canoas), Dra. Dirleia Fanfa Sarmiento (Unilasalle – Canoas), Dr. Silvio R. Taffarel (Unilasalle – Canoas), Dr. Juan Jose Villanueva (Universidad La Salle – Ciudad Victoria), Mtro. Gerardo Cepeda (Universidad De La Salle – Bajio).

John Reed is Associate Professor of Classical Languages at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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