Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D.


Adapted from a keynote presentation at the first annual Symposium on Lasallian Research, Institute for Lasallian Studies at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 29, 2012. Dr. Fox situates the contemporary emphasis on Lasallian research within the “legacy” of Lasallian scholarship, a legacy that has nourished the Lasallian movement and is itself a dynamic means of projecting the Lasallian educational mission into a future as yet unseen. She urges scholars to discern and act upon opportunities to participate in the dynamism of the Lasallian research legacy.


Educational Research; Catholic Higher Education; Lasallian;


Capturing our Time for Theirs: Considerations for the Context of our Future

About the Author

Mary Catherine Fox, Ph.D.

Dr. Mary Catherine Fox is Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, teaches in the Lasallian Core Traditions program, and works with the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) Leadership program in Rome. She served as the initial chair of the Midwest District Mission and Ministry Council, and was a delegate both to the Regional Assembly in Salt Lake City in 2005 and the first International Assembly in Rome in 2006.

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