Andre Jacq, FSC


Through chronological analysis of key documents (such as pastoral letters from Superior Generals and Declaration: The Brother of the Christian Schools in the World Today (1967)) and gatherings of the Lasallian family (such as General Chapters and International Assemblies), the author illustrates how the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools has responded to the expressed desire of laypeople to share in the institute’s apostolic plan and spirituality.


Lasallian association; De La Salle Christian Brothers;


Association: The Policy of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, 1950-2000

About the Author

Andre Jacq, FSC

Brother André Jacq is a former Visitor for the District of France. He has worked for a number of years in Lasallian formation for his district and for the Lasallian network in Europe. He was a delegate at a couple of General Chapters and a member of the Rule Commission that has prepared a draft revision of the the Rule for the upcoming 45th Chapter in Rome in 2014.

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