John Johnston, FSC (1933 – 2007)


In this address to the Lasallian European Congress in Strasbourg, France, then-Superior General John Johnston recognized the growing diversity of ministries engaged in the Lasallian educational mission of human and Christian education. In the dynamic political and social context of 1990s Europe, Brother John’s words called attention to those characteristics which identify and unify Lasallian schools and to the promise those ministries held for the young people of Europe. These distinguishing characteristics and the promise articulated so persuasively by Brother John transcend cultures, persons and time. In the 21st century, Lasallian Catholic higher education institutions continue to be challenged by and rooted in the tradition characterized in his words.


Catholic higher education; De La Salle;


Seven Hallmarks of a Lasallian School

About the Author

John Johnston, FSC, M.A.

On October 11, 2007, Brother John Johnston died in his home city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA. During a period of 24 years, from 1976 to 2000, he served as Vicar General and then Superior General, leading the Institute through difficult, exciting and challenging times. He championed authenticity in the lives of Brothers and encouraged the sharing of the Lasallian Mission by Lasallian partners and provoked the Lasallian family into reflecting on global issues such as the Rights of Children and Literacy. In the words of Brother Vincent Malham, we honor Brother John best in remembering him as a faithful disciple of Jesus who “drank the cup.”

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