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This presentation was made to participants in Huether Lasallian Workshop 30: Promoting the Rights of Children, November 15, 2001, Chicago,IL, USA. Brother John proclaimed that the conference “must give birth to a culture of action on behalf of the rights of children and youth,” characterized by “serious communication with one another…we have to listen, think, share, discuss, and search.” In recalling these words, at that moment in our history, readers must also ask, “With whom am I in serious communication about the Lasallian educational mission? With whom am I creating a culture of action on behalf of the world’s young people?”


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Jesus was Indignant – Are We?

About the Author

John Johnston, FSC, M.A.

On October 11, 2007, Brother John Johnston died in his home city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA. During a period of 24 years, from 1976 to 2000, he served as Vicar General and then Superior General, leading the Institute through difficult, exciting and challenging times. He championed authenticity in the lives of Brothers and encouraged the sharing of the Lasallian Mission by Lasallian partners and provoked the Lasallian family into reflecting on global issues such as the Rights of Children and Literacy. In the words of Brother Vincent Malham, we honor Brother John best in remembering him as a faithful disciple of Jesus who “drank the cup.”

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